Mar. 26th, 2010

And then I swear, I am done. At least for awhile.

So yesterday I re-read it. Yes, the day after I read it the first time. This was mainly motivated by the fact that I had read it in three hours the first time and I felt like I had missed something. I needed to go back and be thorough. What follows here are my notes, somewhat ramble-y. They should be separated by chapter, and all quotes have the page number (obviously from the hardback edition) attached. A few notes:

* Feel free to disagree with any of my theories. Just remember that I reserve the right to delete comments if they're mean. And by mean, I refer to anything which calls me names, calls MWT names, is profanity ridden etc.
* I've followed Sounis-the-community's abbreviation conventions throughout. So MWT=Megan Whalen Turner, MOW=Minister of War (Gen's father), KoA=King of Attolia, QoA=Queen of Attolia, both of these last referring to books rather than characters. I don't think I refer to Conspiracy specifically, but I tend to abbreviate it as CofK.
* Obviously, there will be spoilers. There will also be lj-cuts. The spoilers are more severe than for my previous spoilery review, because they will be more specific. Consider yourself warned.

Prologue-ch. 5 )

Ch. 6-10 )

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